Equality and Diversity Policy

Policy statement

Equality and diversity underpins the work of Kaplan Living and is at the heart of what we are and what we do.  The Policy Statement gives clear direction to all and will help us to continue to value all members of our community, be they staff, students, contractors and visitors, as well as the wider community.  This is achieved by providing a fair, supportive and discriminatory-free environment that promotes equality of opportunity and values diversity.

We believe this can be done through creating mutual understanding and a living/learning environment based on respect and celebrating differences between individuals, as well as utilising their talent and experiences.

Aims of the Policy

The policy seeks to:

  • Provide opportunities to our Residents, Staff and visitors by creating a community where they can live, work, learn and visit each other with respect and dignity.
  • Promote equality and prevent discrimination through our role as community builders, accommodation providers and neighbours.
  • Follow best practice in all equality areas and work to eliminate unlawful discrimination; promote equality of opportunity; eliminate bullying and harassment; promote good relations between different groups in the community; celebrate what we have in common and capitalise on our diversity; and recognise and take account of people’s differences.


For the purpose of this Policy we

  • Refer to the Equality Act 2010 (specific duties) 2011
  • Recognise that equality and diversity issues are complex and straddle more than just those equality strands that protect particular groups in legislation, race and ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief and age. Life circumstances and opportunities also affect us and we need to take account of issues such as cultural and economic background, physical and social environment and health.


  • In compliance with UK law, no member of staff, resident, visitor, contractor or neighbour is permitted to carry out any form of discrimination as set out within the legislation referred to.