Cancellation Policy




When you sign or accept the  accommodation agreement with Kaplan, you are signing a legally binding  agreement. This is created  between you  and Kaplan.

For students of Kaplan Pathways Colleges: Please note that the version of the Kaplan International Pathways terms and conditions to which you previously agreed at offer stage continue to apply and contain certain provisions relating to your offer of accommodation.

There may be circumstances in which either you or Kaplan wish to cancel the accommodation agreement. This document sets out requirements in those circumstances.

It is intended that this policy is fully incorporated into the Accommodation agreement.

How can I cancel my accommodation agreement?


  1. First Year or Kaplan Alumni applicants (not currently enrolled in a Kaplan Pathways College) only


If you are a prospective student and your offer of a place at your preferred University/Higher Education Institution is withdrawn by the University/Higher Education Institution as a result of you not achieving their required entry grades you may be eligible to be released from your accommodation agreement. To apply to be released from the agreement you must send us:


  • Written confirmation that you wish to cancel your accommodation agreement.
  • Supporting documentation of the failure to secure a place g. UCAS notification
  • Written confirmation that you are not attending another education institution in a city that Kaplan offers accommodation.


If we receive these documents (by post or email) within 3 working days from the date your results are published, we will cancel your accommodation agreement with no further rent liability and you will be charged a £250 cancellation fee.


If you intend to study in the same city but for a different University/Higher Education Institution your booking will remain in place.


If you intend to study in a city where Kaplan operates an accommodation building then your booking may remain in place and you may be offered alternative accommodation in that specific city dependant on availability. If there is no room availability, then Kaplan will release you from your accommodation agreement and you will be charged a £250 cancellation fee.


  1. Second year and subsequent year students (not currently enrolled in a Kaplan Pathways College).


You have a short period after signing the accommodation agreement during which you may cancel without liability. This period is known as the Initial Cancellation Period. The duration of the  Initial Cancellation Period depends on when you sign or accept the accommodation agreement. You must give us written notice (by post or email) that you wish to cancel your accommodation agreement.


If you sign or accept the accommodation agreement on or before the 1st August, the Initial Cancellation Period is three working days starting on the date you sign or accept the agreement. Your cancellation must reach us by the end of     the third working day after you sign or accept the accommodation agreement and before you move into your accommodation.


All cancellations will be subject to a £250 Cancellation Charge which will be added to a student’s account if the cancellation request is accepted.


If you sign or accept the accommodation agreement after the 1st August, the Initial Cancellation Period is one working day, starting from the time you sign or accept the agreement. Your cancellation must reach us by the end of the next working day after you sign or accept the accommodation agreement and before you move into your accommodation


  1. Kaplan International Pathways Students


Once you receive an accommodation offer, you must complete all the necessary steps described in the offer letter including returning your signed agreement, guarantor confirmation and first accommodation payment by the stated deadline.


Kaplan reserves the right to cancel your booking if any of the steps outlined above are not completed. If you wish to cancel your booking before you complete any of these steps you will not be liable to pay a cancellation fee. Any accommodation payments which have been made in respect of your booking would then be reallocated against outstanding tuition fees or other charges on your account.


Once you have signed your accommodation agreement, you have entered into a legally binding contract with Kaplan and are liable to pay all accommodation fees outlined in the accommodation agreement.


Cancellation due to Visa Refusal (Kaplan International Pathways Students)


  1. If you fail to meet UK visa entry requirements and you cancel your accommodation booking as a result of this prior to the Accommodation Confirmation Date, whether you have signed the accommodation agreement or not, the refund of any fees paid will be in line with section 4.1 of the Kaplan International Pathways UK Terms and Conditions


  1. You may request to defer the start date of your course a maximum of two times. If your request to defer is granted, and you already have a secured accommodation booking, you will be required to enter into a new accommodation agreement. Any sums paid at that point will be applied to the new future accommodation booking . You are not guaranteed that a room at the same residence will be available at such time as your deferred start date.


  1. Cancellation Terms applicable to all Students


If you accept an offer of accommodation by signing our accommodation agreement and then decide you wish  to cancel outside of the Initial Cancellation Period, or after you have moved into the accommodation, the following     applies:


  • You must give us written notice (by post or email) that you wish to end your accommodation agreement;


  • You remain liable for the rent and any other charges stated in the tenancy agreement until you find another student who is acceptable to Kaplan to take over your accommodation agreement and that student has fully committed to the accommodation agreement.


  • It is your responsibility to find another suitable student (in most cases a prospective student will not be suitable if: i) they are already renting a room from Kaplan; or ii) they are already bound into another agreement for accommodation elsewhere; or iii) they are an existing Kaplan International Pathways College student).


  • When your accommodation has been re-let to a suitable replacement student we will release you from your accommodation agreement upon payment of a £250 cancellation fee which will either be deducted from your final instalment or can be paid by debit/credit card via our flywire payment portal. This fee is for room preparation and cleaning and administration


  • Once we have accepted the replacement student, you must have booked and attended a final inspection of your room and flat before returning the room key to the residence office and confirming your contact details on departure. If no replacement tenant is found for your room, you will remain liable for all amounts due under your accommodation agreement until your licence end


  • You can submit an appeal to be released from the contract earlier than the fixed end date by submitting a request to the General Manager of your accommodation and/or the Central Accommodation team along with supporting evidence who will review your request and make consideration of your Once the General Manager has reached their decision, both you and your guarantor will be notified in writing.


  1. Special conditions for students staying in a Kaplan Living Residence

Kaplan Living may consider a cancellation of your accommodation agreement on medical grounds if:


  1. You noted on your accommodation application that you are suffering from a medical condition for which you were receiving treatment, or which was diagnosed before the start of your accommodation agreement; and


  1. You produce a certificate from a recognised medical practitioner stating the medical reason why you are unable to continue to live in your accommodation.


  1. You have shown due consideration and notified the General Manager of any concerns as soon as they


  1. Your rent account is up to date. Kaplan Living will not consider any cancellation requests from students that have rent arrears.

You must make your request in writing (by post or email) that you wish to end your accommodation agreement. If Kaplan  Living accepts the request for the cancellation of your accommodation agreement, you will be given a release date, you will be liable for rent until this date, failure to return all keys, fobs or key-cards may incur further rental charges.

Please note these special conditions are not a guarantee that all medical cancellation requests will be approved. These requests are treated on a case by case basis and there has to be very clear evidence that a student is medically unable to live in a student residence. Any decision will be at Kaplan’s sole discretion and all decisions are final.


  1. Cancellation by Kaplan


The circumstances in which Kaplan may terminate the accommodation agreement are stated in the accommodation agreement.

  1. Complaints

If you are not satisfied that Kaplan Living have complied with this policy and wish to complain, our complaints

policy gives information on what you should do, together with details of how we will handle your complaint. Please contact the General Manager for further details.

Published in January 2019
Last updated 11 March 2022